Our Story

Our Mission

Sharp Casualwear provides shirts for men 5'8" and under seeking stylish staples that look good, feel good, fit well, and last.

Men’s fashion is based on an average height of 5’9,” but more than 25% of American men fall into a “shorter” category. Niche retailers have emerged to serve this under- served market, but most specialize in tailored shirts and pants. We want to provide more options. Regardless of personal style, wardrobes tend to include basic pieces that “average body types” take for granted such as t-shirts, polos and sweaters. Shorter men struggle with traditional sizes, which are usually too long or too tight through the shoulders and chest. We believe every well-dressed man should have access to a few stylish staples. We’re focusing on untailored, casual shirts for everyday wear because knit clothing can be difficult to alter.

Our Commitment

We are a growing family of passionate people that believe shirts should actually FIT properly and help you truly look your best. We pride ourselves in using high quality, durable fabrics to create shirts that look good, feel good, and last.

Too often, “one size fits most” doesn’t really fit most. For those of us 5’8” and under searching for the perfect fit, shopping online can be frustrating and disappointing. We started Sharp Casualwear to change that.

Sharp Casualwear Size Guide