Stylish Staples Reinvented

February 15, 2017

Stylish Staples Reinvented

I have struggled to find well fitting clothes most of my adult life. Men’s fashion is based on an average height of 5’9”, and I fall into a 5’8” and under category. I am considered an “exception” to the industry rule, but more than 25% of American men share my plight.

The options are limited. Shorter men can size down, purchase tailored clothing from a specialty retailer or have standard sizes altered. For men with a wide chest and broad shoulders, sizing down is not an option. I don’t mind getting a pair of pants altered, but casual shirts are not as easy to fix. 

My venture into men’s fashion is based on me want and need for an everyday t-shirt—one that fits well, with quality and durability as its foundation and looks sharp. After an exhaustive search, I was shocked that something so fundamental did not already exist, or options were limited. Through this process I learned  that a lot of “shorter” men feel the same way. 

I believe that every well-dressed man should have access to a few stylish staples, regardless of body type. Follow my journey to make sharp looking, exceptionally fitting shirts for shorter men a reality.  

Danny Hernandez, Founder & CEO
Sharp Casualwear 

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