Our Commitment to Quality – Fit

February 15, 2017

Our Commitment to Quality – Fit

This post is the first in a three part series regarding the philosophies and processes that formed the Sharp Casualwear brand.  
Sharp Casualwear is committed to providing a quality product—shirts that look good, feel good, fit well and last. We have divided the concept of “quality” into three major areas consisting of fit, comfort and durability. These have become the components of the Sharp Casualwear Quality Triangle.
Fit is the most unique aspect of Sharp Casualwear quality, and it is the motivating factor for building the brand. Our products are manufactured for a specific market— men 5’8” and under.


The style of the first shirts are based on the basic t-shirt that all men have in their wardrobe, the Crew Neck and V Neck t-shirt.

Creating Fit Options

We realized early on that the standard S/M/L approach would not work for our customer. We understand that all 5’8” and under body types are not the same. That is why we have created Fit Options.

The Broad Fit Option is designed to accommodate a broader chest. The Regular Fit Option ensures that consumers have options. Sizes are based on 2"-3" increments in height and chest, allowing for various body styles based on the height of 5'8" and under.

Specific fit options for untailored clothing is what sets Sharp Casualwear apart from other specialty retailers. We look forward to exploring additional Fit Options in the future so that we can better serve even more body types.

Sharp Casualwear Size Guide