Our Commitment to Quality – Comfort

February 15, 2017

Our Commitment to Quality – Comfort

This post is the second in a three part series regarding the philosophies and processes that formed the Sharp Casualwear brand.  

Sharp Casualwear is committed to providing a quality product—shirts that look good, feel good, fit well and last. We have divided the concept of “quality” into three major areas consisting of fit, comfort and durability. These have become the components of the Sharp Casualwear Quality Triangle.


All aspects of product design are closely related. Fit is an important role in enhancing comfort (learn more about our commitment to a quality fit). This posting is focused on the fabrics.

The Fabric

Fabric is an integral part of product design. Collecting and evaluating fabric samples was essential in the process of selecting the right fabric for the our first shirts, the Crew Neck and V Neck t shirts.

We wanted a jersey fabric that would be soft to the touch and feel good against the body.

With that criteria in mind, we selected a bamboo/cotton blend which is softer than some of the cotton blends that we had been evaluating. This fabric is now available in lighter weights with a wider range of colors that may lead to more options while maintaining continuity of the product line.

When designing a quality product, fabric concessions cannot be made. As Sharp Casualwear grows and work with industry partners, we will continue to explore new resources that produce quality fabrics that represent our brand.

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